Sunday, May 30, 2010

My love of Halloween

Once a year we gather together dressed in elaborate costumes to celebrate the most ghoulish of holidays. Halloween parties have become increasingly popular, as those of us who enjoyed the frivolity of a night spent begging for candy dressed as a bed sheet ghost look to recapture the fun of our youth.

Many moons ago I donned a chocolate chip cookie costume and attended a Halloween party with my roommate. I was nervous, as I did not know many of the other party guests. Shortly after we arrived my roommate scurried off to chat with other friends and left me alone. At that time, I couldn't have imagined the significance of that moment. I stood awkwardly for a minute before noticing a nice looking guy across the room. To my delight he noticed me too. Two years after that party we were married.

Each October my husband and I host several hair-raising Halloween parties. Hundreds of guests gather in our home to celebrate this fun holiday. We spend months planning our party. We build sets, create props, plan activities and cook fun food. I want to share some of our ideas as well as our experiences with you.

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